Thursday, July 06, 2006

Site Evaluation Can Help Prioritize Budget Needs

Many aspects contribute to making a web site a useful business tool. A site loaded with information people want to know won't do much good if potential customers can't find it.

Conversely, a site with great search engine positioning may fail in its mission of converting customers if it doesn't convey brand leadership or has obstacles that prevent the user from taking the appropriate action.

Here are questions to consider when identifying critical need areas for your web site.

Does the web site load quickly at all common modem speeds?

Does the site's construction allow accessibility to search engine robots?
Does the site layout and graphic design convey a sense of brand leadership?
Is the navigation intuitive and the overall site structure user-friendly?
Are your products and services presented in a logical and informative manner?
Does the site content compel the visitor to take action to contact you?
Do you know what Internet marketing strategy your competitors use and how well it's working for them?
Does your site perform well on search engines for terms that prospects would likely use to locate you?
How does your site perform on search engines compared with competitors?
Does your site have links on important industry sites?

Before you determine what portion of your marketing budget you will devote to Internet marketing, it's important to evaluate your web site for the parameters mentioned above to determine the areas of need.

SstDesigns can provide your company a detailed web site assessment that helps determine the critical need areas for your site based on an analysis of the elements mentioned above. For more information, contact Ajay at 09873558050, 91-11-32593733, 22059167


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